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This designer manual pour-over style glass coffeemaker is, in a way, close to a laboratory preparation method. The coffee is poured over and as a result, we get a drink of a full taste.

Chemex is a designer product made of borosilicate glass and it is even included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The coffee prepared in chemex gets a distinctively bright colour and offers an unmistakably full taste while preserving all the fine nuances of specialty filtered coffee. A cotton paper filter will forgive you some mistakes but we still recommend that you come and try it all on our alternative preparation course.

So, how do we brew coffee in a Chemex?

When making Chemex coffee at home, we always recommend to use fresh tap water (ideally filtered) with a 1:17 ratio of coffee to water (60g per litre, 6g per decilitre). To get the best taste, use freshly roasted and ground coffee.

  • it is ideal to prepare Chemex coffee for more coffee lovers at one time, e.g. using 24g of coffee
  • we use a medium coarse grind; the coffee resembles Kosher salt (a bit coarser than table salt)
  • the paper filter is placed with the three-layered side lined up against the pouring spout and it is necessary to rinse the filter thoroughly
  • the first pour moistens the grounds and we allow the coffee to pre-infuse for about 45 seconds
  • after that we pour the rest of water slowly over the grounds in a circular motion so that the total steep time does not exceed 4 minutes
  • as a reward the barista can aerate the drink and smell the prepared coffee, the shape of the glass flask simply prods them into doing so

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