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What can one do in Medellin? We drive to the country, to the banks of the Cauca river, where there is the Cocondo organic farm. The last time we visited was in 2019.

As the first origin we visited, Colombia has a place of honour in the history of Nordbeans. Thanks to our regular trips there, we can offer Colombian coffee, washed and even honey method processed. We work with the coffee from Giralda region. We have partners in the regions of Huila and Tolima, we presented coffees from the “Acevedo Cup”, a coffee farmers competition, at the World of Coffee 2018 in Amsterdam. We returned to Cocondo in 2019 and intensified our cooperation with Luis Emilio and turned it into a strategic partnership. We are also planning a unique project with the Arhuaco, an indigenous people of Colombia.


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