Specialty coffee from western Africa? We are a proud partner of the Cameroonian growers organized in the Hilltop Farmers and Cameroon Boyo projects.

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What can one do in Medellin? We drive to the country, to the banks of the Cauca river, where there is the Cocondo organic farm. The last time we visited was in 2019.

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The largest cupping tables in the world? Whoever flies to Kenya, they need to find their feet in the complex system of co-operatives, laboratories and auctions at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange.

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El Salvador

What can one do with specialty coffee in a country where the coffee production has dropped to one fifth of the original amount since 1972? We set out to check it right there.

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How is coffee traded in the country where coffee tree actually comes from? We checked the situation in the capital city of Addis Abeba as well as in the southeast of the country on our journeys.

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