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We know very well that coffee machines, grinders and other gadgets are your secret love. So, what have we got up our sleeve for you?

We are a proud partner of Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, 3TEMP, La Marzocco, Eversys Cameo, Fetco, Franke or Modbar.

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Nuova Simonelli

Nuova Simonelli is an Italian company with long-standing experience and tradition. They have been manufacturing espresso machines since 1936. Thanks to their wide range of products, they are able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The company is the exclusive sponsor of the World Barista Championship. We visited their manufacturing plant in autumn 2018.


Price list available to download HERE.



Victoria Arduino

The Victoria Arduino coffee machines are a symbol of the history of coffee of both Italian and European traditions and culture. The first Victoria Arduino coffee machine saw the light of day in 1905. Each Victoria Arduino coffee machine is a result of the manual work of experienced craftsmen and that is why you will not find two same machines in the world. Today, Victoria Arduino is owned by Nuova Simonelli company, which has combined the tradition and high-end technologies and thus created the maximum added value to the coffee machines.


Price list available to download HERE.



The Swedish company 3TEMP was founded in 2013 by Patrik Stridsberg, Jarlo Nilson and Anders Eriksson to develop, manufacture and market top quality coffee machines for the professional preparation of filter coffee. What makes their Hipster coffee machine exceptional is the fully programable preparation, which lets you choose the volume of your drink, water temperature, total brew time and single times in between brew phases. Hipster is also unique thanks to its unique COLD BREW preparation.


Mazzer ZM


Mazzer MZ is a world novelty introduced by a traditional coffee grinders manufacturer. Apart from flat grinding stones with a low rotation speed, this grinder is peppered with high-end digital technologies, which are designed to provide as even grind as possible for the filter coffee preparation. It allows you to pre-set up to 4 grinding profiles, which you start by pressing single button with the help of a digital micrometre. It is possible to save up to 20 profiles into the memory.


La Marzocco


It is a waste of time to introduce La Marzocco coffee machines in great detail. They have been manufactured in Florence in Italy since 1927. All the coffee machines are manufactured manually using the best quality materials and components. Throughout its history, La Marzocco company has come with a lot of construction innovations, which have changed the design or functions of espresso coffee machines. To name a few, we can mention the horizontally placed boiler, multi boiler, pressure profiling, saturated heads and a portafilter locked in the head without the use of a bayonet. Thanks to the great customization possibilities, an absolutely unique machine can be designed to meet your needs.


Price list available to download HERE.

Eversys Cameo

The fully automated coffee machines Eversys have been designed especially for the preparation of specialty coffee. The icon of the coffee industry Matt Perger (World Brewers Cup Champion for 2012) was involved in the development of the machines. The main feature of these coffee machines made in Switzerland is the quality of the beverages made including cappuccino. What is more, servicing this machine is very simple thanks to the module system and the possibility to connect it to the Internet for monitoring or setting recipes remotely.


Price list available to download HERE.


Modbar is a US company that was not afraid to completely change the routine ideas about coffee machine design. Modbar moved the major part of their coffee machine under the counter, so what is left above the counter are the espresso heads or the steam wand only. Thanks to a modular solution, it is possible to place the single heads on the counter the way you like and by doing so you can significantly improve your workflow when preparing coffee drinks. Modbar is built from the top-quality components and materials. If you want some breath-taking design and uncompromising quality in your business then Modbar is your choice.


Price list available to download HERE.


Fetco is a solutions focused, customer-centric partner that provides environmentally conscious, economical, and customized beverage equipment across all foodservice channels. Their advanced manufacturing techniques ensure pinpoint accuracy and efficient use of raw materials. Their documented testing procedures and ten-point checklist on all assembly check points ensure first-class functionality and performance of every piece of equipment that leaves their assembly line.


Price list available to download HERE.


First the brand NIVONA was an idea. The founders of NIVONA, Peter Wildner, Thomas Meier and Hans Errmann worked together at a big and well-known company for household appliances in Nuremberg and were frustrated. The really great fully automatic coffee machines at that time where only made by companies from Italy and Switzerland. The three wanted to change that.

After about one year of preparatory work they realised their idea and founded NIVONA in 2005. A likeable alternative to all the other coffee machines was born: great first-class machines of impeccable quality to a fair price. Longevity and elegant design included, plus easy handling and cleaning. They selected every component accurately and developed and improved it over and over until they had their perfect first collection out.


Price list available to download HERE.


The Lamanti brand was born from a passion for coffee shared by all our employees. Our company’s aim is not just to develop and distribute top-level technologies, but we also focus on the ultimate result of the entire process: at the end of which, you get the perfect taste of your favorite coffee. We understand that the environment in which and the occasions when you get to taste your coffee are constantly changing; as do your feelings and moods. Coffee has many faces: sometimes it wakes us up, sometimes it calms us down. It’s with us the entire day, whenever we need to boost our energy or when we need to relax.


Price list available to download HERE.


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