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The V60 coffee dripper can be used at home the same as in a luxury restaurant and it underlines fine tastes in coffee. It requires a bit more skill but we will be glad to teach you all that

The coffee dripper manufactured in the Japanese Hario glassworks can underline fine tastes in coffee. The preparation requires certain skill, which you can acquire on our courses and prepare your coffee at home.

So, how do we make V60 coffee?

When making V60 coffee at home, we always recommend to use fresh tap water (ideally filtered) with a 1:17 ratio of coffee to water (60g per litre, 6g per decilitre). To get the best taste, use freshly roasted and ground coffee.

  • one can make great coffee using V60 dripper, optimally try to start with 18g of coffee
  • we use a medium fine grind, the coffee resembles table salt
  • the paper filter needs to be folded along the seam and rinsed with hot water thoroughly
  • the first pour moistens the grounds and we allow the coffee to “bloom” for about 30 seconds
  • after that we pour the rest of water slowly over the grounds in a circular motion so that the coffee does not steep longer than 3 minutes
  • it is necessary to avoid the steep time being too short, which is caused by a grind that is too coarse
  • the reward the barista gets is a glinting drink which should be aerated by a circular motion

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