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A newcomer among filter coffee devices. It offers quite a variety of preparation methods. We will be happy to discuss your method with you on one of our courses.

Aeropress is quite a new device for the preparation of filter coffee. It was designed by Mr Alan Adler, who holds loads of other patents as well. The key feature of aeropress is a great variety of preparation methods. You can discuss your method with us on one of our alternative preparation courses.

Aeropress can bring forward the tastes which other methods often leave in the background.

So, how do we make aeropress?

When making Aeropress coffee at home, we always recommend to use fresh tap water (ideally filtered) with a 1:17 ratio of coffee to water (60g per litre, 6g per decilitre). To get the best taste, use freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee.

  • we have got 17 grams of coffee; we use a fine grind so that the ground coffee resembles table salt
  • a paper filter is popped in the larger cylinder and screwed safe to the bottom of the chamber, it is necessary to rinse the filter then
  • the cylinder is placed directly on top of a desired container in a normal position with the bottom facing downwards
  • a part of the correlating amount of hot water is poured over the coffee first to moisten it and let it pre-infuse for about 30 seconds
  • then we pour in the rest of water to fill the cylinder to the brim and insert the plunger into the chamber
  • after about 1 minute we apply gentle and even pressure to the plunger, guiding it down and letting the coffee steep for about 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • baristas are careful to stop pushing the plunger downwards when they hear “pfffft”

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