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We roast specialty coffee from three continents and we know the stories of the people who grow it.

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    We know that coffee isn’t only about drinking caffeine. We know that before it gets to  a cup, it must travel a long way. From planting a coffee plant on the farm, through manually harvesting ripened cherries and washing, peeling, carefully drying and packing in jute bags for coffee to go on its way to us into Europe. We know that it is hard.

    It might seem like we just roast and sell coffee. But the journey doesn’t end here. We know that after preparing coffee it is necessary to appreciate the process, it certainly deserves it. We know what it takes and we know our coffee well. Both taste and origin…

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    We pride ourselves on the origin of our coffee. It comes from all corners of the world where coffee is grown in selected high altitudes. Each is original and somehow unique. Get to know the sweet coffee from El Salvador or taste the coffee with a hint of gooseberry from Kenya. 

    Coffee beans travel quite a long way. Our goal is to deliver the freshest coffee selected for you into your cup so you can taste it. We will gladly lead you through the process and we will help you better understand specialty coffee. 

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    From espresso to Aeropress, look at how different kinds of coffee drinks prepared and what they are exceptional.

    Find out, the difference between a cappucino and a flat white, where cortado comes from or why the chemex filter bottle is at the newyork museum exhibit.

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    about coffee

    Periodically we will bring new information and knowledge of the coffee world. Learn more about the cultivation of the coffee plant itself, but also about how coffee is harvested and processed.

    On continuation we will supply a travelogue from our trip for coffee in Colombia. We ourselves picked the right one for our coffee roastery directly at two local farms.

    Get to know your coffee better.

15. May 2016
Mission Cocondo natural

Mission Cocondo natural

We've just launched exceptional coffee that we are really proud of. Here's more on the story.

Cocondo organico natural. Truly exceptional coffee that we're really proud of. The story has begun roughly a year ago, during our trip to Colombia. We were staying at the beautiful finca Cocondo, which is neatly suited in the mountains above the valley of river Cauca and just next to the town of Titiribi.

The way the owners were run the farm excited us, as it is completely independent of their surroundings. Its owner Luis Emilio Velez is a great guy and we immediately hit it off. We purchased our first coffee we agreed that it was definitely not the last time we've seen each other.

Cut. In fall of 2015, barista Mlejnis started preparing for the Barista championship with our team. When we were thinking about the best coffee for him, well Luis Emilio was a man to ask. And it occurred to us to do something a little crayy - what about to ask him to process part of the ongoing harvest with natural method  - something very uncommon for Colombia (Perhaps 99.9% Colombian coffees are processed by the washed traditional method)?

Everyone at Finca Cocondo manages the water very economically and the finca uses a variation on modern African bed for drying the coffee - the equipment would therefore not be a problem. Mission objective: to be the first and only roaster in the world that has such coffee available.

We are very pleased that Louis and his team vere positive about our request. By this time, our friend Ronald showed up and promised to help throughout the whole process if necessary. His assistance proved of immense value when it came to the final sorting of dried cherries. Ronald precisely identified during the milling that some beans aren't properly dried and therefore defective.

Solution? Six pairs of infinitely skillful hands to complete the selection of the harvest (microlot) by hand, bean by bean sorted out. That left the microlot really worth it, which was confirmed through a test roast and cupping at origin.

Then it all ran like clockwork - the coffee was packed in plastic (grain-pro) and jute bags, sent over the ocean, off to Europe and from the port to roasters .... and now from the roasters to you.

You've probably noticed that we were unable to get the coffee before the competition. However, we can happily say: mission accomplished! Now we're just very curious how you will like the taste of the coffee. We've been really excited  ever since we first tasted it at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival. It's totally fresh and perfectly drinkable coffee.


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