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    We know that coffee isn’t only about drinking caffeine. We know that before it gets to  a cup, it must travel a long way. From planting a coffee plant on the farm, through manually harvesting ripened cherries and washing, peeling, carefully drying and packing in jute bags for coffee to go on its way to us into Europe. We know that it is hard.

    It might seem like we just roast and sell coffee. But the journey doesn’t end here. We know that after preparing coffee it is necessary to appreciate the process, it certainly deserves it. We know what it takes and we know our coffee well. Both taste and origin…

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    We pride ourselves on the origin of our coffee. It comes from all corners of the world where coffee is grown in selected high altitudes. Each is original and somehow unique. Get to know the sweet coffee from El Salvador or taste the coffee with a hint of gooseberry from Kenya. 

    Coffee beans travel quite a long way. Our goal is to deliver the freshest coffee selected for you into your cup so you can taste it. We will gladly lead you through the process and we will help you better understand specialty coffee. 

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    From espresso to Aeropress, look at how different kinds of coffee drinks prepared and what they are exceptional.

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    Periodically we will bring new information and knowledge of the coffee world. Learn more about the cultivation of the coffee plant itself, but also about how coffee is harvested and processed.

    On continuation we will supply a travelogue from our trip for coffee in Colombia. We ourselves picked the right one for our coffee roastery directly at two local farms.

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26. July 2017
World of Coffee Budapest

World of Coffee Budapest

This year, we became proud exhibitors of SCA World of Coffee in Budapest. The blog sums up our wonderful experience.

Just for quick repeat - the festival is one of the two most important events organized by the SCA Association - it is titled by world champions in the Brewers Cup, Cup Tasting, Cezve / Ibrik and Latte Art disciplines. We headed out to Budapest as a big pack - almost all team members were present. We were also joined by our great partners - Ondřej Štökl (Head Barista Ambiente), Martin Podracký (Head Barista Eska), Ondřej Schlägel (Head Barista Café Placzek). However, the Hungexpo Budapest Exhibition Center is still able to accomodate (not only) the entire "coffee" Czech Republic and Slovakia. But aloof .....

Monday, 12. 6. 2017

Transporting 10 people from Liberec, Prague and Brno to Budapest already requires some logistics. In addition, it was still necessary to arrange the Monday orders in the roaster and to make coffee for the rest of the week. That's why we had to go out in the waves. "Advance Team" Ondra Hajdík and Radek Kolombo were in charge of preparing the whole booth. Our one (labeled A7) is right across the stage for the World Brewers Cup - barists can watch what's happening on the stage. We took our presentation as a visit to a roaster - a visitor can enter the stand and waving a magic wand to move to the north of Bohemia. At the same time, we present our espresso blends - stable Horizon and seasonal "animal" editions (powerful Deer'rspresso, elegant Lynx'spresso and exceptional Owl'spresso). The shorter side of the corner booth dominates the Black Eagle coffee maker by Victoria Arduino, accompanied by two Mythos mills. After 6 o'clock in the afternoon, we were done on Monday and moved to the base in the center of Budapest, waiting for the second part of the team (called the "Teepee group").

Tuesday, 13. 6. 2017

Due to the format of the event, the Tuesday start was a bit sharp. At the nearby stage for the World Cup Tasters, the champions started the program after 9am. We have tuned the espresso Horizont (Brazil, Colombia) and Owl'spresso (Kenya by John Njorge) on the mill. And then visitors started pouring in ... Giesen friends, representatives of government delegations, coffee lovers from all over the world, technology dealers, contestants barbers, brothers Julio and Octavio Peralta (El Ortez famrers from Nicaragua - you will remember their honey microlot - and If not, under the name Fantaghiro it is still available in Prague's Michelin Bib Eska), colleagues in the industry, coffee enthusiasts ... a short-lived stream of nice coffee people with whom we had the honor to meet. By that time we were in a complete set - part of the team so set off on the Budapest (evening) tour. Later, with Peralta family and friends, we tried out what it was like: "party with your farmer". It was a bit of Tuesday after all...

Wednesday, 13. 6. 2017

The world is curious, so the number of visitors had increased on Wednesday. If we were busy on Tuesday, we were usually fully occupied on Wednesday. We just appreciated the fact that we were more at the festival - part of the team was able to attend the meetings, cuppings and tour to see what was introduced by coffee makers and accessories makers - so the samples began to appear on the stall - we expect some of these products to be tested soon. A nice news was that Brewers Cup was able to offer real-time tasting of the competition coffees at the brew bar opposite the stage, that is, during the competition ... we went all day to sip Geishas ...

In the afternoon, we prepared a unique takeover, which will not just be repeated. The levers of our coffee machine met Ondřej Štökl and Jackie Tran Anh (Cafefin), a league of extraordinery gentlemen of Czech latte-art. Contrary to other competitions, the Czech Republic did not send its representative in this category to Budapest. Something tells us, however, that next year, the two of us will compete for this right (conditional on victory in the national competition). The colleagues from Vnitroblock, FunLab, and Solista (Prague's Coffee institutions themselves) were surprised by the setup among others. And Wednesday fled as water ...

Thursday 14 June 2017

The last day of the festival was finally in a peaceful spirit. Visitors number dropped compared to other days - just so that exhibitors were not about to fatigue. It was also perhaps the most relaxed day to talk with each other, fine-tune the relationships and the like. What was very thrilling was the announcement of the results of the world competitions, which came out at 14:00. In addition to Czech competitors, we also boasted the Slovak "brothers". Viktor Štefančík of the Slovak Nico caffé finished 8th in the Cezve / Ibrik category. Another announcement was the Brewer's Cup, where Petra Střelecká was ranked 6th in the 6th place (it is the 3rd final placement of the Czech representative in the last 5 years - it is not given, the competition is huge!) Ondra Hurtík in Coffee in Good Spirits did not reach the finals this year, but we also enjoyed the great performance of Peter Hudak from Slovakia. A show that was breathless and could not break. Show worthy of World Champion!

After the announcement, we started packing the booth and whoever wanted to take the last samples or buy things for a super happy hour price, had the last chance. In the evening, we intended to go to the evening event to evaluate the whole event - but we were too tired to move to the barista party. Part of the team had finally conquered the Budapest market hall or the Gellert Spa - two things one should not miss while visiting the city - besides a pile of great cafes and third wave ventures.

It was great in Budapest! We're so glad we could be part of # WOCBudapest2017

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