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The Yemen Connection: Tribes of Mokha

6. October 2019

Yemen plays a vital part in the history of coffee cultivation and coffee’s spread around the world. As Yemen’s central role became forgotten, Tribes of Mokha roastery is bringing Yemeni coffee back.

Haitham Al-Shoriy is a young and driven Yemeni guy who has decided to shine a light on the forgotten glory of Yemeni coffee. Yemen is a country of many paradoxes – one of the areas torn by political unrest and war, but Yemeni coffee is also served by three-star chef Alain Ducasse in London.

Tribes of Mokha wants to draw attention to the history of Yemen and its uniqueness in terms of speciality coffee. For centuries, Yemen served as the only country in the world where coffee was grown commercially starting in the 15th century. Many of the most famous terms associated with coffee, such as mocha/mokka, arabica and even the word coffee root back to Yemen. Coffee - more specifically, Yemeni coffee - spread internationally through the port city of Mokha and eventually led to the development of the different types of arabica coffee, such as blue mountain (Jamaica) and caturra (Brazil). Due to coffee’s important beginning stages in Yemen and its spread from Yemen, we are able to enjoy the thriving coffee culture we know today.

“We believe that the world deserves to know more about and taste the quality of the coffee that started it all - Yemeni coffee,” Haitham explains vigorously. He chose Nordbeans as a partner for his task as it provides the roasting know-how, facility and technology. We at Tribes of Mokha is grateful for the faith that Nordbeans has had in us since the very beginning. We feel fortunate to have learned and grown with the guidance of the Nordbeans staff. Tribes of Mokha’s roots many be in Yemen but started to sprout in Liberec thanks to Nordbeans. I hope that our partnership will only grow and become even stronger,” he adds. 

Tribes of Mokha’s coffee comes from ethical sources and is the result of a close relationship with farmers and producers to ensure its quality “from farm to cup”. They are grown by Yemeni hands, produced by Yemeni hands and roasted by Yemeni hands. Yemeni coffee, which is known for its complex flavors and natural sweetness, is slowly but surely regaining attention and prestige around the world, and Tribes of Mokha is a gateway to making this possible. 

Tribes of Mokha will celebrate their launch on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at Osada Holešovice. You can learn more about the event on Facebook.

Pictures credit: Qima Coffee

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