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Giesen is the heart of our roastery. And now you can have one as well! Why?

Because we are the exclusive distributor of Giesen technologies in the Czech Republic. You can read on or just write to us now.

The history of the Dutch Giesen technologies dates back more than 30 years. Since 2006 the company has been focusing on manufacturing quality roasting technologies exclusively.

The sole aim of this family business it to sustain the quality of their technologies at the top world class level and keep on innovating them.

And what can you get?

  • WP1E & WPG1 (sample roasters which are used for testing samples and roast profiling)
  • W1A, W1M & W1E
  • W6A & W6E (the first roasting technology developed in 2006)
  • W15A (a technology suitable for medium-sized roasteries)
  • W30A (a new technology, twice as big as W15A)
  • W45A (the first of the three biggest roasters that can roast up to 45 kg of green form coffee beans per batch, developed in 2001)
  • W60A (developed in 2014, this roaster can roast up to 60 kg of green form coffee beans per batch)
  • W140A (the biggest available roaster on the market with a capacity of 140 kg of green form coffee per batch)

What do we use?

Here in Nordbeans we use the W15A roasting technology, custom made in 2015.These machines have been used at a few World Coffee Roasting Championships. We have chosen the W15A technology for the following reasons:

  • you can roast up to 15 kg of green form coffee beans per batch
  • the double walled roasting drum system ensures a good bean development and even heat distribution
  • the digital temperature control provides accurate information on the roasting process
  • the roaster is connected to the roasting software, which enables reliable quality control

Since the spring of 2017 we have had the use of the WPG1 Giesen sample roaster.

Radek Kolombo
Roasting technology Giesen



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