teapigs teas

What about Nordbeans and teas? We are an exclusive distributor of Teapigs teas for the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Teapigs are teas from two enthusiasts, Nick and Louise, who have travelled the whole world of tea. After they had returned to England, they founded their company with an aim to revive the real teas tradition and freshen it up with superb infusions.

Their teas are therefore always made with whole tea leaves, whole herbs, whole spices and whole flowers. Do not look for any grit or dust, which can be found in regular tea bags.

There is always enough tea or blend in the fully biodegradable temple-shaped bags to make your drink just perfect.

We offer ongoing support to our customers (jars, menu, tea sets).

What makes Teapigs teas exceptional?

Compared to ordinary teas they always contain real, whole leaf teas, herbs, berries, spices and flowers.

Customers get them in spacious, fully biodegradable temple-shaped bags or loose. The teabags have a shape that allows the tea to infuse perfectly.

Since the company was founded, they have won 70 Great Taste awards. Their teas are truly top quality including the highly praised Japanese matcha tea.

Nowadays it is possible to buy Teapigs teas in more than 35 countries around the world.


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