The roastery premises have a unique vibe. What really happens here?

In this place all our coffees change their physical and chemical structure irreversibly. What arrives here from the harbour are coffee beans in so called “green” form – they are hard, green and have almost no smell at all.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to finish the work of farmers and producers. It is our priority to benefit from the potential of each coffee. Very often they are the best selections from harvests in the countries where they come from.

What technologies do we use?

To roast our coffees, we only use the high-end Giesen technologies from the Netherlands. We always find the optimal roasting profile for each coffee using our sample roaster WPG1. We also use it to roast samples, which are delivered to our roastery from all over the world or those we bring personally from our coffee trips.

As soon as we are satisfied with the roasting profile, we move on to the production roasting using our full-scale, 15-kilo Giesen W15A roaster.

Each of the roasting cycles is recorded by Cropster roasting software.

What happens after the roasting?

When all the coffees are roasted, we taste them all before they are packed – cupping sets the pace of a day in the roastery.




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