Customer service

We are happy to help you. What can we arrange?
  • We will organize a fantastic training
  • We will take care of servicing your machines
  • We will send a Flying barista
  • We will organize an unforgetable workshop
  • We will prepare a top-notch catering

It is of great importance to us that you enjoy all the comfort for your business and other activities. The world of coffee is varied and we often find ourselves in various situations. We are here to help you in the difficult ones.

Are you opening a cafe or have you decided to freshen your coffee programme up? Our roastery baristas are fully available.

We will be happy to invite you to our roastery, we will organize a workshop for your employees or a cupping during which you can choose the right coffee for your business...

If you are interested in a training, our SCA certified baristas can tailor it to your needs – no matter if you are interested in barista skills, latte art, filtering coffee or some other skills.

We will also come to help you with coffee preparation in your cafe within our unique Flying barista service.

We are also able to help you when technologies fail. The experts from our service will help you solve problems. Thanks to our technological background we are able to lend you substitute coffee machines and grinders until we manage to solve the problem.

And we are also able to prepare a perfect coffee catering on all kinds of occasions - weddings, top-class gourmet events or open-air festivals. We prepare espresso using La Marzocco GS3 top-notch technology and filters on the Japanese Kinto drippers.

And when it comes to that, we will come to see you anywhere necessary. Just let us know.



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